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Types and uses of aluminum powder

Author:Ying Wei AluminiumTime:2018-01-03 15:56:40

Aluminum powder can be divided into pure aluminum and aluminum alloy powder. The main points are as follows:

1, special fine aluminum powder: LFT1, LFT2, precision 0.07~0, raw material is pure aluminum ingot.

Main uses: mainly used in space industry rocket propellant fuel, in addition to first class raw material military explosive and so on.

2, ultra-fine aluminum powder: FLT1, FLT2, precision 16~30V meters, raw material is pure aluminum ingot.

Main uses: materials used for the external use of metal lacquer for high-end cars, mobile phones, motorcycles and bicycles.

3, steel aluminum: brand for FLG1, FLG2, FLG3, particle size 0.35~0, can use aluminum production.

Main uses: degassing and deaeration of steelmaking.

4, fine aluminum powder: FLX1, FLX2, FLX3, FLX4, granularity 0.35~0.

Main uses: used in chemical industry, fireworks and firecrackers and so on.

5, ball milling aluminum powder: FLQ1, FLQ2, FLQ3, granularity 0.08~0.

Main use: used in chemical, foundry, and fireworks

6, coating aluminum powder: mainly used in the industrial use of anticorrosion, antirust coating, production of fireworks and other fireworks. The use of high grade waste wire can produce ordinary coating aluminum powder.

7, aluminum magnesium alloy powder: FLM1, FLM2

Main uses: fireworks, firecrackers and military explosives

8, the aluminum magnesium powder: fireworks brand for FLMY1, FLMY2, FLMY3, FLMY4, particle size 0.16~0. You can use aluminum production.