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Northwest region's largest copper, aluminum wire and cable production enterprise

Author:Ying Wei AluminiumTime:2017-05-22 16:33:19

  In May 18th, the northwest region is the largest wire and cable production enterprises - Qinghai Xing Ming Power Material Co. Ltd. officially put into operation, which means that Qinghai will be able to produce high voltage and ultra high voltage XLPE power cable, and R & D and production for high altitude cold photovoltaic cable, high altitude new energy charging pile cable, corrosion resistant wire Aluminum Alloy arithmetic the alienation of new products.

  Extending the industrial chain and improving the local conversion rate of traditional products such as electrolytic aluminum are important ways for the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure in our province. After many years of construction, the industrial agglomeration effect and radiation effect of Qaidam national level circular economy experimental area are gradually emerging. The operation of the Qinghai Electric Power Materials Co. Ltd. for Xing Ming Green Fair this platform into Qinghai, and relying on the resources and industrial advantages in Qinghai, while realizing their own development and perfecting industrial chain Park, and provide strong support for the development of clean energy industry in our province.

  According to the general manager of Qinghai Electric Power Materials Co., Ltd. Zhu Jun, Xing Ming, as the cable production enterprises, raw material costs accounted for more than 80% of the total cost, the logistics cost is the important factor and extrusion cable products profit space. At present, Qinghai is in a period of rapid development, requires a lot of power cable products, based on Qinghai copper smelting, electrolytic aluminum and other industries makes the enterprise can place the purchase of raw materials, which greatly enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises choose to settle in Qinghai, and take the lead in the production of medium and high voltage power cables, EHV cross-linked power cables and other 10 categories, more than 50 series, more than 700 kinds of wire and cable products in the Northwest region. In addition, with the implementation of the national "The Belt and Road" strategy, Qinghai is from the motherland inland become an important fulcrum of opening to the west, power cable products based in Qinghai, northwest of radiation and even "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions, the development of a more broad market.

  In order to develop new markets, Qinghai Xing Ming Power Material Co. Ltd and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Cooperative Research and development for new products in high altitude area. The operation of the first phase of the project investment of 170 million yuan, is stepping up construction of the two phase of the project investment of 500 million yuan, can produce 500 thousand volts and above EHV XLPE power cable cable products, domestic products is the highest voltage.