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Long and short saw, aluminum prices remain volatile

Author:Ying Wei AluminiumTime:2017-05-22 16:35:00

  Recently the price of basic aluminum in the consolidation trend, near far low high, outside the strong pattern is still no change, but the supply side reforms after months of speculation, the heat began to decrease, while Xinjiang cut less than expected and other factors make the capital tolerance gradually depleted and more empty both sides take turns to withdraw from the market, this is the recent price of aluminum the main reason of the concussion back and forth. Large data collection terminal display, Shanghai aluminum futures prices as of May 21st press time, the cumulative decline of 1.4% in the month.

  COFCO futures believes that in the short term due to the policy effect is not apparent, there are still a lot of inventory to consumption, but the cost of stabilization, steady demand, and the policy is expected to make short the market sentiment is not high, the price of aluminum is difficult to have a big decline, the recent shocks will continue to maintain a stronger bureau.

  Institutional data show that in 2017, 1-3 months, the global supply of raw aluminum market shortage of 356 thousand tons, in 2016 the annual shortage of 1 million 120 thousand tons. 1-3 months, the global demand for raw aluminum was 15 million 50 thousand tons, an increase of 1 million 148 thousand tons compared with the same period in 2016. 1-3 months, the world's original aluminum production increased by 990 thousand tons over the same period in 2016. 1-3 months, China's original aluminum production is expected to be 8 million 201 thousand tons, accounting for about 56% of global output. The apparent demand in China increased by 13% compared with the same period of 2016.

  A lower dollar stimulus this week aluminum prices rebound, the Yangtze River spot aluminum prices last week was shifted to the center of gravity, but subject to weak demand and inventory pressure above the space is limited, the week interval 13770-13920 yuan / ton, as of Friday in the vicinity of 13900 yuan, up 220 yuan last week. The stock market at the beginning of the week, aluminum prices rise, traders bullish, more active trading, but the downstream enterprises to price increases much remained on the sidelines, procurement is not much, with insufficient aluminum prices rebound momentum, holding cargo shipments increased, the downstream demand to buy this week, the market turnover is limited.

  Since last weekend, LME aluminum fell to $1862.5 after this week, Al Lun bottoms up, trading back above $1900, the highest climbed to $1932, the lack of good news, Al Lun rises, but apparently the 1900 mark has received support, short-term repeated testing this crossing supporting material, aluminum Liaolun next week concussion trend remains unchanged 1880-1940, rangebound.