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The 19 day, the Shanghai aluminum aluminum lunch review: a greater resistance to

Author:Ying Wei AluminiumTime:2017-05-22 16:48:46

  19, gold network analysis: Shanghai aluminum in early trading more hair force, breaking the resistance of 14000 yuan. But above the average sticky, coupled with the policy side has no further news, funds or will tend to caution, short-term 14100 yuan, or there will be greater resistance. Aluminum now, Southern China A00 aluminum ingot rose 90 yuan. Aluminum higher, the carrier continued bullish expectations, the price is expected to ship, the higher willingness to ship. Downstream yesterday has a weekend replenishment action, the acceptance of aluminum prices today is limited, the market trading situation is dull. Foshan area A00 send wholesale priced 13970-13990 yuan aluminum ingot.